Research Article

Geometric Sensitivity of a Pinhole Collimator

Figure 1

Perspective View of the Knife-edge Pinhole Collimator. A point source at 𝑧 = ℎ and angle 𝜃 emits a photon that intersects the 𝑧 = 0 plane at ( 𝜌 c o s 𝛽 , 𝜌 s i n 𝛽 , 0 ) with an incident angle 𝜃 ğ‘Ž . The acceptance angle of the collimator is 𝛼 and the diameter of the aperture is 𝑑 . Δ 𝐿 is the path length of the photon in the attenuating medium. Reproduced from [3] with permission ( 2001 IEEE).