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International Journal of Microwave Science and Technology
Volume 2012, Article ID 157971, 7 pages
Research Article

A Dual-Band SiGe HBT Frequency-Tunable and Phase-Shifting Differential Amplifier Employing Varactor-Loaded, Stacked LC Resonators

Graduate School of Electrical and Information Engineering, Shonan Institute of Technology, 1-1-25 Tsujido-Nishikaigan, Kanagawa, Fujisawa 251-8511, Japan

Received 7 July 2012; Accepted 24 September 2012

Academic Editor: Juan Carlos Bohórquez Reyes

Copyright © 2012 Kazuyoshi Sakamoto and Yasushi Itoh. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.


A dual-band SiGe HBT frequency-tunable and phase-shifting differential amplifier has been developed for the future active phased array antennas with a multiband, multibeam, and multitarget tracking operation. The amplifier uses varactor-loaded, stacked LC resonators in the design of the output circuit in order to provide frequency-tunable and phase-shifting capabilities for dual frequencies. By utilizing the varactor-loaded LC resonator, which has a variable resonant frequency and a large insertion phase variation, frequency-tunable and phase-shifting performances become available. Moreover, by using the stacked configuration, the frequency and insertion phase can be varied independently for dual frequencies. A dual-band SiGe HBT differential amplifier has achieved a lower-frequency tuning range of 0.56 to 0.7 GHz for a higher fixed frequency of 0.97 GHz as well as a higher-frequency tuning range of 0.92 to 1.01 GHz for a lower fixed frequency of 0.63 GHz. A lower-frequency phase variation of 99° and a higher-frequency phase variation of 90.3° have been accomplished at 0.63 and 0.97 GHz, respectively. This is the first report on the dual-band differential amplifier with frequency-tunable and phase-shifting capabilities.