Research Article

Complex Permittivity Measurements of Textiles and Leather in a Free Space: An Angular-Invariant Approach

Table 1

The summary of textile’s samples under test.

MaterialSample no. 1 (denim)Sample no. 2Sample no. 3Sample no. 4Sample no. 5Sample no. 6
(wool scarf)
Sample no. 7
Sample no. 8 (satin)

General view of samples under testing375601.table.001a375601.table.001b375601.table.001c375601.table.001d375601.table.001e375601.table.001f375601.table.001g375601.table.001h
Thickness d, mm0.80.450.
Power transmittance at normal incidence77% 87% 92%86% 88.8%35% 67% 91%