International Journal of Nephrology / 2011 / Article / Tab 1

Review Article

Hepatitis C and Kidney Transplantation

Table 1

Summary Estimates for Adjusted Relative Risk of Mortality among HCV+ve Dialysis Patients.

Cohort SizeRR -value

Goodkin et al. [4]16 7201.17.016
Fabrizi et al. [31]*2 3411.57
Fabrizi et al. [33]**11 5891.34
Scott et al. [3]23 0461.25.04

*Meta-analysis of four clinical trials [34, 35]. A test for homogeneity of the relative risks across the four studies gave a -value of  .77.
**Meta-analysis of seven clinical trials [36]. Tests for homogeneity of the aRR across the seven studies gave Ri value of 0.48.
RR: relative risk.