Table 1: Biochemical and hematological parameters during admission.

Day of in hospital stayCreatinine 55–100 μmol/LHb 11.5–16.5 g/dLLDH (U/L) (220–450)Platelets × 10−9/L (150–450)Blood filmPlasma exchange (PE) or hemodialysis (HD)

118156.3220584HD (1)
211249.02039127PE (1)
28818.8726112HD (2)
36158.7615140PE (2) HD (3)
46177.8Poikilocytes, polychromasia, acanthocytesPE (3)
77308.8639241Acanthocytes, polychromasia, helmet cells, red cell fragments (8% of RBC)HD (4)
73028.8611261PE (4)
834010573261Occasional schistocyteBiopsy
93089.0613230Approximately 6–8 fragmented cells per high-power field seenPE (5)
1025510.26942963-4 fragments per high-power field
1812410.0488261No fragmented cells

The resolution of creatinine, hemoglobin, lactate dehydrogenase, thrombocytopenia and fragmented cells on blood film, with plasma exchange and hemodialysis courses over a period of 18 days of in hospital stay. HD: hemodialysis, PE: plasma exchange.