Table 2: List of enriched biological processes and molecular functions. Given are the total number of genes assigned to a process/function, the number of genes assigned as derived from literature mining, the number of genes expected from a statistical perspective, and the significance level of enrichment.

Biological processNo. genes totalNo. genes CRSNo. genes CRS expected -value

Signal transduction419113557,674.55E-25
Cell communication436513660,076.84E-24
Cell surface receptor linked signal transduction22359130,763.80E-22
Immune system process26289736,169.70E-21
Blood circulation210282,895.11E-19
Regulation of biological process59180,811.01E-18
Regulation of vasoconstriction59180,811.01E-18

Molecular functionNo. genes totalNo. genes CRSNo. genes CRS expected -value

Receptor binding12336416,972.46E-20
Protein binding315710343,442.71E-18
Catalytic activity533612873,431.44E-12
Oxidoreductase activity703339,671.21E-09
Kinase activity695289,565.18E-07