Table 1: Demographic data, inflammation markers, chronic health disorders, and pharmaceutical therapy of the populations included in the study.

Patient data
Healthy controlsChronic kidney disease patientsDialysis patients
( )( )( )

Age in years (mean/St. Dev.)49.80/17.5955.50/10.74
Sex (male/female)8/26/48/2
GFR mL/min (mean/St. Dev.)104.40/9.8937.40/12.351.00/0.00
BMI kg/m2 (mean/St. Dev.)27.58/4.6026.76/2.9025.73/3.90
Serum CRP mg/dL, value = 0.445 (mean/St. Dev./Std. error)0.086/0.187/0.0590.392/1.026/0.3240.441/0.493/0.156
Serum IL-6 pg/mL, value = 0.241 (mean/St. Dev./Std. error)3.180/1.147/0.3635.070/3.436/1.0865.070/3.273/1.035
Serum IL-10 pg/mL, value = 0.572 (mean/St. Dev./Std. error)18.480/6.759/2.13716.660/5.990/1.89414.800/9.542/3.180
Serum TNF-  pg/mL, value = 0.002 (mean/St. Dev./Std. error)6.150/0.628/0.1989.240/3.739/1.18215.620/7.428/2.349
Diabetes 111
Hypertension 566
Atherosclerosis 216
Heart failure 002
ACE inhibitors 151
AT1 131
CC blockers 134
Beta blockers 224
Diuretics 023
Statins 211
Aspirin 027
Antiplatelets 106
Phosphate binders 016
Sevelamer 006
Vitamin D 008
FE 018

GFR: glomerular filtration rate calculated with the Cockcroft-Gault formula; BMI: body mass index; ACE: angiotensin-converting enzyme; AT1: sartan; CC: calcium channel; NSAIDS: non steroids anti-inflammatory drugs; FE: iron supplements.
*The numbers in that section of the table and below represent a positive statement. For example one out of ten healthy persons was a smoker while two out of ten dialysis patients were prescribed with NSAIDS.