International Journal of Nephrology / 2016 / Article / Tab 1

Review Article

Acute Kidney Injury in Diabetes Mellitus

Table 1

Selected studies that evaluated AKI incidences and outcomes in diabetic patients. For detailed description see text.


Mehta et al., 2006 [10]Retrospective, data-based analysis (Society of Thoracic Surgeons National Database), DM prevalence in AKI patients after cardiac surgery; included individuals: 449,524DM prevalence 49 versus 33% in AKI versus no AKI ()
Oliveira et al., 2009 [11]Prospective single-center analysis, DM prevalence in aminoglycoside-induced AKI; included individuals: 980DM prevalence 19.6 versus 9.3% in AKI versus no AKI ()
Girman et al., 2012 [12]Retrospective, data-based analysis (General Practice Research Database), AKI in DM versus no DM; included individuals: 119,966 type 2 DM patients and 1,794,516 nondiabetic individualsYearly AKI incidence in DM versus no DM: 198 versus 27/100,000 subjects
Venot et al., 2015 [14]Prospective case-control study, AKI incidences and outcomes of patients with severe sepsis/septic shock, DM versus no DM; included individuals: 318 diabetic and 746 nondiabetic controlsAKI incidences not different but dialysis frequency and serum creatinine at discharge higher in DM
Kheterpal et al., 2009 [16]Retrospective, data-based analysis (American College of Surgeons National Surgical Quality Improvement Program), AKI incidence after general surgery; included individuals: 75,952Identification of DM as independent preoperative risk factor
Mittalhenkle et al., 2008 [17]Prospective case-control study (Cardiovascular Health Study), AKI incidence in the elderly; included individuals: 5,731Association of DM with incident acute renal failure (AKI)