International Journal of Nuclear Energy / 2013 / Article / Tab 1

Research Article

A Small-Sized HTGR System Design for Multiple Heat Applications for Developing Countries

Table 1

Major design specification of HTR50S.

ParametersSingle operation mode (phase I)Serial operation mode (phases II and III)

Thermal power (MW)5050
Reactor inlet temperature (°C)325325
Reactor outlet temperature (°C)750900
Coolant pressure (MPa)44
Coolant flow rate (kg/s)22.316.5
Core structure materialGraphiteGraphite
Core typePrismatic/pin-in-blockPrismatic/pin-in-block
Effective core height (m)3.483.48
Equivalent core diameter (m)2.302.30
Numbers of fuel blocks180180
Fuel Low enriched UO2  
TRISO coated fuel particle
Low enriched UO2  
TRISO coated fuel particle
HTTR type fuel  High burn-up fuelHigh burn-up fuel
RefuelingWhole    Half coreHalf core
Reactor pressure vesselMn-Mo steel (SA533B/SA508)Mn-Mo steel (SA533B/SA508)
Number of main cooling loop11
Heat removal (SG/IHX (MWt))Single mode (50/0)Serial mode (30/20)
Steam turbine power generation (MWe)
Gas turbine power generation (MWe)6.9
District heating (MWt) (water at 95°C and 0.1 MPa (t/h))25 (857)7.6 (259)
Process heat (MWt) (helium at 850°C and 4 MPa (t/h))20 (47.3)
Process heat (MWt) (helium at 310°C and 10 MPa (t/h))25 (45)
Hydrogen (Nm3/h)800 (phase III only)