International Journal of Nuclear Energy / 2013 / Article / Tab 9

Research Article

A Small-Sized HTGR System Design for Multiple Heat Applications for Developing Countries

Table 9

Major specifications of intermediate heat exchanger.


Thermal duty (MW)2010
Design life time (years)4020
Logarithmic mean temperature difference (°C)76101/113
Primary flow
 Inlet temperature (°C)900850/950
 Outlet temperature (°C)670387/389
 Velocity (m/s)12.69.3/8.1
Secondary flow
 Inlet temperature (°C)560244/237
 Outlet temperature (°C)850782/869
 Velocity (m/s)43.030.6/27.1
Heat transfer tubing
 MaterialHastelloy XRHastelloy XR
 Outer diameter (mm)45.031.8
 Wall thickness (mm)5.03.5
 Number of tubes15996
Helical tube bundle
 Number of layers96
 Outer diameter (m)2.241.31
 Inner diameter (m)1.200.84
 Effective heat transfer area (m2)500215