Figure 5: SOLIDWORKS design of the reference and spectrometer arms. (a) The CAD design of the reference arm. Fiber connector, scan lens, tube lens, dispersion compensator for the objective, a gold mirror installed on a kinematic mount with adjustable angles, and translational stage to precisely control the position of the reference mirror. (b) The CAD design of the spectrometer arm. The grating has an optimal incident angle of and diffraction angle of . It is mounted on rotatory mounts to adjust the angles of the grating with respect to the OCT beam and the lens mechanism. Fiber connection, grating installed on rotatory mounts, Plössl lens, and line CCD camera. (c) The reference and spectrometer arms are installed on an optical breadboard to facilitate transportation. There is a movable mirror mount, component , in the reference arm that can change the beam path to match different objective lenses in the sample arm. The reference and spectrometer arms are encircled with orange and green rectangles, respectively.