Table 3: Occupational exposure to carcinogenic agents among subjects with sinonasal cancer, by tumor morphology; Lombardy region sinonasal cancer registry, 2008–2011 ( with interview).

Occupational exposureSCCAdenocarcinomaOther valuea

Never exposed6982.11321.34174.5Reference
Ever exposed (any agent)1517.94878.71425.5<0.001
 Wood dust67.13150.8712.7<0.001
 Leather dust44.81931.1610.9<0.001
 Nickel compounds11.211.611.80.44
 Chromium compounds22.411.611.80.65
 Cork dust00.011.600.00.02

PAH: polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, SCC: squamous cell carcinoma.
aFrom chi-square test (reference: never exposed).
Note: a subject may have been exposed to more than one agent in his/her occupational history.