International Journal of Otolaryngology / 2018 / Article / Tab 1

Review Article

Lingual Abscess: Predisposing Factors, Pathophysiology, Clinical Manifestations, Diagnosis, and Management

Table 1

Demographic data.

Patient 1Patient 2Patient 3Patient 4Patient 5Patient 6


Age (year)555252465859

Underlying diseasesNoneDM & HTNoneDM & HTNoneNone

Clinical presentationsOdynophagia, Dysphagia, DyspneaOdynophagia, Localised painOdynophagia, Dysphagia, Limit tongue movementOdynophagia, Dysphagia, DyspneaLocalized pain, Refer pain to earTongue mass, Localised pain

Duration of symptoms1 week1 week1 week4 days1 week10 days

Prior treatmentNoneNoneAmoxicillinNoneAmoxicillinAmoxicillin-clavulanic acid

Physical examinationMarked swelling of BOT, partial occluded OP airwayAntero-lateral tongue swelling & fluctuationSwelling of FOM & BOTSwelling of FOM & ventral tongue, partial occluded OP airwaySwelling of BOT & fluctuation with marked tenderAntero-midline tongue mass

Body temperature (°C)Low grade fever (38°C)Afebrile (36.6°C)Afebrile (36.6°C)Afebrile (37.5°C)Afebrile (37.3°C)Afebrile (37°C)

Location of tongue abscessRt posterior 1/3Lt anterior 2/3Lt FOM & posterior 1/3Midline FOM & antero-ventral surfaceLt posterior 1/3Midline anterior 2/3

Deep space of neck infectionNoneNoneSublingual abscessSublingual cellulitisNoneNone

DM: diabetes mellitus, HT: hypertension, FOM: floor of mouth, BOT: base of tongue, OP: oropharynx.