International Journal of Otolaryngology / 2018 / Article / Tab 4

Review Article

Lingual Abscess: Predisposing Factors, Pathophysiology, Clinical Manifestations, Diagnosis, and Management

Table 4

Clinical manifestation, location of abscess, and management of our case series and case series from literature review.

VariableOur case series (n=6)Literature review (n=13)Total patient number (n=18)

Clinical presentation
 Pain + tongue swelling & no dyspnea41114
 Dyspnea & airway distress224

Abscess location
 Anterior 2/3 (+ Middle 1/3)3810
 Posterior (base of tongue)358

Sublingual space infection


 Needle aspiration-77
 I & D649
 Aspiration + I & D-22


LA: local anaesthesia, GA: general anaesthesia, I & D: incision & drainage.