Considered as a key technology of the 21st century, the nanotechnology is considered a useful tool that may help to develop new and efficient applications, especially in nanomedicine.

Nanomedicine exploits the physical, chemical, and biological properties of materials at the nanometer scale. It is expected to have its substantial impact on preventive medicine, diagnostics, medical imaging, therapy, and drug delivery.

In this special issue of International Journal of Photoenergy, there were presented some basic and engineering researches in the field of nanomedicine and the related biotherapeutic discovery.

This issue covered current topics and recent progress in targeted nanomedicine and therapeutic concepts, photodynamic therapy and regenerative medicine.

The Authors have submitted original research and articles describing the latest scientific and technological research results in the following topics. The topics included the following:(i)nanostructures and biomaterials, (ii)nanomedicine,(iii)nanobiotechnology and nanomedicine,(iv)drug discovery and development.

In the name of the editorial team, I want to express my appreciation about the quality, originality, and novelty of works submitted by the authors, and in this respect, we welcome the proposal of the journal to publish a special number dedicated to the field of nanomedicine.

Rodica-Mariana Ion
Tebello Nyokong
G. Gyulkhandanyan
Danuta Wrobel