Research Article

Annealing-Induced Modifications in Physicochemical and Optoelectronic Properties of Ag-Doped Nanostructured CdS Thin Films

Table 1

The parameters of physicochemical and optoelectronic characteristics of as grown and annealed thin films of Ag doped nanostructured CdS prepared by cost effective chemical route at room temperature.

Sr. No.Sample (nm)Eg (eV) (cm−3)μ (cm2/Vs)ρ (Ωcm) (%)

(01)As grown6.42.28 75.232.7972
(02)100°C7.12.23 78.542.1878
(03)200°C8.92.21 79.691.9783
(04)300°C10.62.18 81.131.6892
(05)400°C11.22.14 83.781.296