International Journal of Photoenergy / 2012 / Article / Tab 1

Research Article

Supported Nanosized α-FeOOH Improves Efficiency of Photoelectro-Fenton Process with Reaction-Controlled pH Adjustment for Sustainable Water Treatment

Table 1

Duration of the steps in the PE-Fenton process with RCpA using different iron substances (current density, 6 mA cm−2; N-α-FeOOH/diatomite, 500 mg L−1; free iron, 25 mg L−1).

StepDuration of steps (min)

pH decrease 4540
PE-Fenton reaction75100
pH increase 4540
Iron settlement18015

Total time*300140

*pH decrease and pH increase proceeded simultaneously, and time was included for an individual step; the time for iron settlement was included in the pH increase as the time for pH increase was longer than the settlement, otherwise, the latter included the former.