Table 1: Optical, oxidation, and DSSC performance parameters of dyes.

Dye /nm (ε/M-1 cm−1) /V /V /V (mA cm−2) (V) e (%)

JJ-12531 (15,430); 420 (24,430)0.921.88−0.9616.470.710.718.34
N3520 (14,400); 380 (14,682)14.520.720.697.23

aAbsorption spectra was measured in ethanol solution. bOxidation potential of dyes on TiO2 were measured in CH3CN with 0.1 M (n-C4H9)4NPF6 with a scan rate of 50 mVs−1 (versus NHE). c was determined from intersection of absorption and emission spectra in ethanol. d was calculated by - . ePerformances of DSSCs were measured with 0.18 cm2 working area. Electrolyte: 0.6 M DMPII, 0.05 M I2, 0.1 M LiI, and tert-butylpyridine in acetonitrile.