Table 1: TCAD input parameters for n-Si/i-Si/c-Si HJ solar cells with various hydrogen content of i-layer.

Device parametersValue

Device area (cm2)1
Front surface Texture
Solar cell structuren-Si/i-Si/c-Si/BSF
Exterior rear reflectance (%)90
Light sourceOne sun (AM 1.5, 100 mW/cm2)

Layer parametera-Si:H(n)a-Si:H(i)c-Si(p)Al-BSF

Thickness (μm)0.010.0052505
Band gap (eV)1.921.71.121.12
Dielectric constant11.711.711.711.7
Electron affinity (eV)
Electron mobility (cm2/V−1s−1)20201417200
Hole mobility (cm2/V−1s−1)101047080
Doping concentration (cm−3)
Hydrogen content (%)0–18