International Journal of Photoenergy / 2013 / Article / Tab 1

Research Article

Experimental Investigation on an Absorption Refrigerator Driven by Solar Cells

Table 1

Specifications of solar cell driven absorption refrigerator.


Array of solar cellThe area of solar cell, 1.78 m−2
Max output power of solar cell, 184 W
Solar irradiance, 800 Wm−2
The efficiency of energy conversion from solar energy to electric power0.14

Storage batteryStands for the battery storage capacity100 AH
Electric consumption22 AH/day
The number of day without sunshine2 days
The maximum degree of electric discharge 0.8
The efficiency of the storage battery0.86
The loss coefficient of the circuit0.05
The correction coefficient of temperature0.9

Absorption refrigeratorRefrigerant NH3
Power65 W, 17 V