International Journal of Photoenergy / 2015 / Article / Tab 3

Research Article

Design, Development, and Analysis of a Densely Packed 500x Concentrating Photovoltaic Cell Assembly on Insulated Metal Substrate

Table 3

Thicknesses and materials for the modelled substrates.


Interconnectors0.025 mm Ag0.025 mm Ag0.025 mm Ag
Cell0.190 mm Ge0.190 mm Ge0.190 mm Ge
Solder paste0.125 mm solder0.125 mm solder0.125 mm solder
Conductive layer0.035 mm Cu0.30 mm Cu0.035 mm Cu
Dielectric4.5 µm marble resin0.63 mm AlN4.5 µm marble resin
Heat sink1.6 mm FR-40.30 mm Cu1.6 mm Al
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