Research Article

Technoeconomical Assessment of Optimum Design for Photovoltaic Water Pumping System for Rural Area in Oman

Table 7

Systems cost of energy comparison.

Reference CoE (USD/kWh)Supply type

Proposed PV research (REPS.OM) 0.180PV
Proposed PV research (HOMER) 0.309PV
Subsidized diesel system0.790Diesel
Nonsubsidized diesel system1.228Diesel
([4] Bakelli et al., 2011)0.401PV
([5] Salam et al., 2013)0.561PV
([6] Kazem et al., 2013)0.389PV
([8] Al-Smairan, 2012)0.200–0.580PV-diesel
([17] Al-Badi et al., 2011)0.21–0.304PV
([14] Al-Badi et al., 2012)0.327–0.361PV
([15] annual report, 2010)0.558Diesel
([16] annual report, 2011)0.558Diesel