Table 1: PV characteristics of DSSCs fabricated with graphene incorporated with a semiconducting layer.

Photoelectrodes (mA cm-2) (V)ff (%)Ref.

Underlayer with RGO, scaffold layer with RGO, scattering layer with RGO23.20.730.559.2[163]
Scaffold layer with T-CRGO8.40.750.684.3[156]
Scaffold layer with CVD-derived graphene on Al2O310.20.780.685.4[164]
Scaffold layer with TRGO7.60.670.542.8[146]
Scaffold with thermally treated CTAB-functionalized graphene12.80.820.626.5[165]
Scaffold layer with T-CRGO16.30.690.627.0[150]
Underlayer with T-CRGO6.70.560.41.7[147]