Table 2: Market names according to the products.

Type of productDescriptionExamples

FoilThey are adhesive mounted, require no frame, and have low mounting cost. They are good for large roof expanses. Their big advantage is that they are flexible to any shape you need.
TilesThese are mostly PV products installed on the whole roof or part of the roof. They can be installed by a roofer with little training.
Glazing productThese are used as shading devices, windows, roofs, facades, and green houses. Also, they have the ability to transmit daylight for the options of using natural lighting while producing electricity.
ModuleThese are the cheapest form of integration, and have improved appearance over external frames. They are normal PV modules. Most are opaque PV used for roofing purposes.

Source: Jelle et al. [74]; Debbarma et al. [42]; Shukla et al. [24, 25].