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Radiation Effects in Solar Cells and Optoelectronic Devices

Call for Papers

Due to their wide range of application, solar cells and optoelectronic devices are exposed to various kinds of radiation in working environment (cosmic rays, upper layers of atmosphere, military and civil nuclear facilities, etc.). Moreover, spent nuclear fuels emit simultaneously, in addition to Y-rays, several neutrons also, so semiconducting device placed in the vicinity of these fuels sustains different kind of radiation damage both from Y-rays and from neutrons. That is the reason why very comprehensive investigations have been undertaken in order to develop semiconducting devices that could reliably operate in the conditions of the increased radiation. From the technological point of view it is very important to establish changes in output characteristics of the device induced by the radiation that affects their operation.

During the interaction with the material, radiation could deposit large amount of energy that could induce various effects. In semiconductors for example, defect produced by radiation is connected to the localized energy states which change the concentration and mobility of the charge carriers. Also, interaction of radiation with organic materials is of special interest, since organic and polymeric conjugated materials are fast developing and appear very promising for future technologies of optoelectronic devices.

We invite authors to contribute original research papers as well as review papers related to various aspects of interaction of radiation with semiconducting and organic materials and devices for optoelectronics and solar cells. Potential topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Radiation effects in basic material for semiconducting optoelectronic devices (Si, CdTe, GaAs, etc.)
  • Damage induced by different types of radiation on output characteristics of solar cells and optoelectronic devices
  • Recent advancement in Si-based solar cells and other compound-based solar cells, especially radiation resistance
  • Interaction of radiation with organic materials: basic level
  • Influence of the radiation on the characteristics of organic devices such as OLEDs, OLETs, OTFTs, organic lasers, and organic solar cells
  • Possibilities for improvement of optoelectronic devices by using different types and doses of radiation in controled environment
  • Novel approaches in the field of radiation effects on nanoscale level

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