Table 4: Risk factors associated with sepsis-related mortality and sepsis relate survival of 71 VLBW infants with sepsis, Servidores Estado Hospital, April 2001/September 2004.

Risk factor OR CI 95

Sepsis-related mortality
Gestational age 28 weeks14.672.12–116.07.000
Birth weight 1000 g10.932.76–47.15.000
5th minute Apgar 75.410.75–47.61.064 (Fisher)
Gram-negative organisms2.911.14–7.45.023
Use of mechanical ventilation11.052.34–53.04.003
Use of intravascular catheter3.111.08–8.93.003
Sepsis-related survival
Enteral feeding onset 72 hours0.100.00–0.79.022

OR = odds ratio
IC 95 = 95% confidence interval.