Table 5: Risk factors for mortality and for survival in the 71VLBW infants with sepsis, identified by predictive model based on a backward step-by-step unconditional multivariate logistic regression.

Risk FactorORCI95

Step  1(a)Length of stay0.9330.900–0.967.000
Step  2(b)Length of stay 33 days0.9380.905–0.972.000
Birth weight 1000 g13.2322.603–67.249.002
Step  3(c)Mechanical ventilation6.7261.043–43.363.045
Length of stay 28 days0.9440.912–0.978.001
Birth weight 1000 g9.6001.702–54.156.010

Odds ratio (OR) for the probability of death by sepsis
IC95 = 95% confidence interval.
(a) variable used in step  1 length of stay 28 days
(b) variable used in step  2 birth weight 1000 g.
(c) variable used in step  3 mechanical ventilation