Table 1: Percentages of parents reporting two types of corporal punishment in the last month.

Mild corporal punishmentSevere corporal punishment
GirlsBoys GirlsBoys

China ( )4860 1015
Colombia ( )6863 154
Italy ( )6166 1223
Jordan ( )6680 2131
Kenya ( )8297 6162
Philippines ( )7177 98
Sweden ( )96 00N/A
Thailand ( )5872
U.S.A. ( )3836
Full sample ( )5458

Note. Values reflect the percentages of families in which either the mother or father reports that either the mother or father or anyone in the household has used mild corporal punishment and severe corporal punishment in the last month and chi-square tests of differences by child gender. Mild corporal punishment included spanking, hitting, or slapping with a bare hand; hitting or slapping on the hand, arm, or leg; shaking; or hitting with an object. Severe corporal punishment included: hitting or slapping the child on the face, head, or ears; beating the child repeatedly with an implement (beating was not asked in the U.S.A.).