Table 2: Infant conditions: year of birth, type of migration disorder, and concomitant disease.

Year of birthType of neuronal migrations disorderOther conditions

1982MicropolygyriaUndefined skin disorder
1982Unknown typeObstruction of the intestine
1982Unknown typeNeuropathyPolycythemia
1986Unknown typeNone
1986MicropolygyriaUndefined skin disorder
1987Unknown typeMalformation of the heart
1988Unknown typeRubella syndromeConvulsions
1988Unknown typeRubella syndrome
1991Unknown typeHereditary haemolytic anaemia
1991Unknown typeMalformation of the spleenMalformation of the heart
1993MicropolygyriaCongenital pneumonia
1993SchizencephalyPotter’s syndromeFacial asymmetry
1994Unknown typeMicrophthalmus, cleft palateMalformations of the eye
1998Unknown typeNone
1999Unknown typeNone