Table 3: Key informant responses, across all centers, ( ).

KI topicsThemesResponses

FightingDescriptionBetween mother/father and parent/child
Threatening, beating, belittling each other
CausesParents punish without reason
Bad relationships
Mother or father drinking alcohol
Toxicomania or other drug use
Child not earn enough money for family
Child misbehaving
Poor families
Parent with psychological problem
When mother is a whore
EffectsNegatively affects child: children learn to fight

BeatingDescriptionBetween parents, parent/child and siblings
Group beating child if he/she causes problems on street
CausesParents do not like child’s behavior
Way to get child to bring more money home
Child stealing
Parent does not know how to treat a child
Parent uses drugs/alcohol
Unstable family
Father being upset with someone else
Economic need
EffectsChild humiliated
Child going to street

Alcohol/drug abuseDescriptionIndividual gets addicted; physiologic dependence
Causes: familyUsed to get rid of problems
To be in good mood
Lack of attention from parents
To forget worries
Being ashamed or tired of having addicted parents
Unemployment of parents
Conflict in families
Child imitating parents
Causes: peer relationshipsImitating friends
To be in with a circle of friends
Trying to prove to friends they are cool
Ability to use drugs freely
EffectsAggression in child
Child using
Parents forcing child to bring home money

Family relationshipsReason children go to the streetPoor family relationships
Constant conflict
Beating between parents
Parent beating a child
Child receiving no attention
Parents thinking only of their own happiness
Parent prostituting
Causes of poor family relationsEconomic vulnerability
Drug/alcohol addicted parents
Volatile parents
Parents who ignore children
Parent who has a lover
Parent who sells the child or forces them to get money

FriendshipsDescriptionThose with common problems
Make decisions together/collaborate
Care/help each other
Share things equally
Attracted to common adventures
Stable/will not betray you
Characteristics that encourage
children to the street
Ability to get compassion
Remedy for child’s loneliness
Interest in children who live on street
Wanting to be cool
EffectsChild stealing to help a friend
Not caring for parents because of friends
Forced to steal
Smoking cigarettes
Drink/using drugs
Being with a bad group of friends