Table 5: Study 2 free list responses, problems of children in orphanages, all orphanages ( ).

Q. What are the problems of children living in orphanages?Number reporting

End up in the orphanage because of the financial situation/are poor31
Want home/miss home19
Need warmth from the mother/lack warmth/neglect18
Some have no mother, some have no father, some have no parents at all/orphan15
Problems with studies, or studying15
Some do not like to be here/can’t get along with regime in orphanage13
Having problems with school teachers and the director at school11
Some teachers are kind, some are strict10
Problems between parents/divorce9
They put blame on children for everything/
Children fight with each other, they are treated badly 7
I am sorry for the children in the streets7
Have no clothes6
When someone dies, I cry6
Children's letters do not reach the president6
Children are aggressive5
Flipped hand at life (don't expect anything good from life and don't try to change anything)4
Wishes can't be fulfilled in an orphanage4
Director was stealing everything4
Problem of the relationship with parents4