Table 5: G-peak sl ap lax, G peak sl a2c, G peak sl a4c, and G peak sl avg in group I and group II.

Tissue RangeMean±SDt-testP value

G peak sl ap laxGroup I12−7–−20 5.364.9220.001**
Group II12−16–−24 2.50

G peak sl a4cGroup I12−4–−20 5.352.042<0.05*
Group II12−10–−23 2.574

G peak sl a2cGroup I12−9–−19 6.534.2270.001**
Group II12−15–−25 5.27

Peak sl avgGroup I12−6–−19 5.622.585<0.05*
Group II12−18–−24 6.05

**Highly significant, *Significant.