Research Article

Factors Associated with Acute Malnutrition among Children Admitted to a Diarrhoea Treatment Facility in Bangladesh

Table 1

Characteristics (continuous variables) of the cases (wasted) and controls (nonwasted) children.


Child’s age (months) 0.004
Weight-for-length -scorea <0.001
Weight-for-age -scorea <0.001
Length-for-age -scorea <0.001
BMI-for-age -scorea <0.001
Total number of children in the family 0.270
Exclusive/predominant breastfeeding (month) 0.042
Birth order 0.365
Mother's age (years) 0.737
Mother's weight (kg) <0.001
Mother's height (meter) <0.001
Mother's body mass index (kg/M2) <0.001
Mother's education (years) <0.001
Father's age (years) 0.249
Father's education (years) <0.001
Total family income per month (takab) <0.001

All data are expressed as mean ± SD. aIn relation to the WHO 2006 standard [4]; btaka (Bangladeshi currency: 1 UD$ = 80 taka, average rate during the study period).