Table 1: Summary baseline statistics of Dyn@mo participant ( ).

Variable MinMaxAverageStd dev.

Individual profile
 BMI for age/gender percentile3494.899.998.591.26
Neighbourhood characteristics
 Population density (km2)340.974735733013551
 Immigrants (%)340711821
 With university degree (%)340551913
 Household income ($)3435.125 140.495 73.98325.480
 Greenness (mean NDVI)34−0.250.2390.0060.132
 Street connectivity (4+ way intersections) (km²)34085.0519.8923.19
 Home-school road network distance (m)3413924.4285.8006.697
Device usage
 Nb of valid accelerometer days (>10 h)34185.591.62
 Average time with accel. data per valid day3410:3515:0812:540:59
 Nb of days with heart rate data34386.471.19
 Nb of days with GPS data331116.12.1
 Daily average GPS time/recorded (hh:mm)3301:0919:0411:4704:55
 Daily average GPS time/corrected (hh:mm)3307:0123:5417:1004:55
 Daily average missing GPS time (hh:mm)3300:0516:5806:4904:09
Physical activity
 Average number of steps per day
  All days343.06012.3447.5962.315
  Weekend days281.21915.9006.6092.924
 Time sedentary (hh:mm)
  All days3407:2712:3510:4101:08
  Weekend days2806:2112:3610:1901:25
 Time in light activity (>760 and <1951 counts/min)
  All days3400:3502:3901:3600:33
  Weekend days2800:2102:4901:3600:37
 Time in moderate to vigorous activity (>1951 counts/min)
  All days3400:07 01:1700:3600:19
  Weekend days2800:0001:4600:2500:19
Number of days with >30 min of moderate to vigorous activity34072.912.08
Heart rate (beats per minute)
 All days342010480.821.8
 Weekend days28011074.530.3
Spatial behaviour
 GPS: weekly average of number of activity locations331216.425.16
 GPS: weekly average of visits3315217.1812.095
 Activity space size (km²)
  All days33.0 1.09425.69 (median)246.1
  Weekdays32.01.03618.28 (median)232.9
  Weekend days29.03161.69 (median)67.7