Table 3: Odds ratio calculations for risk-factors in children with SNHL and BNH with exchange transfusion.

Variable SNHL n = 15BNH n = 87 OR 95% CIP

Preterm infants1493%5361%8.9 (1.1–71.4)0.01
Asphyxia213%56%2.5 (0.4–14.3)0.28
Neonatal sepsis960%4248%1.6 (0.5–4.9)0.40
Intraventricular hemorrhage213%22%6.5 (0.8–50.5)0.04
Amikacin exposure747%4956% 0.6 (0.2–2.0)0.48
Furosemide exposure533%78%5.7 (1.5–21.4)0.005

SNHL: sensorineural hearing loss. BNH: bilateral normal hearing. n: number of cases. OR: odds ratio. CI 95%: confidence interval.