Table 1: Findings of logistic regression analysis with PIM2 as a predictor in the model.

VariableCategoriesOR value95% CI for OR

PIM2Continuous1.0170.00011.007, 1.026
Age (completed years)Continuous 0.9550.0280.917, 0.995
MODSYes (ref)
No 0.1610.0010.062, 0.417
MeningitisYes (ref)
No 0.2390.0010.145, 0.395
CHDYes (ref)
No 0.3960.0350.167, 0.936
PALS/GEM guidelines followed 
Yes (ref)
No 6.3510.00013.008, 13.412
ShockYes (ref)
No 0.3250.0010.205, 0.513

PIM2: pediatric index of mortality 2, OR: odds ratio, CI: confidence interval, MODS: multiple organ dysfunction syndrome, and CHD: congenital heart disease.