Table 2: Unadjusted odds ratio (OR), adjusted odds ratio (aOR)a, and 95% confidence intervals (95% CI) of providing regularb sports drink (SD) counseling, regularb energy drink (ED) counseling, and regular comprehensive sports and energy drink (SED) counselingc by health care provider characteristics—United States, DocStyles, 2011.

Provider characteristicsSports drinkEnergy drinkComprehensive SED
OR 95% CIaORd 95% CIOR95% CIaORe95% CIOR95% CIaORd95% CI

 Female1.621.26–2.08 1.07–1.881.621.26–2.08 1.06–1.841.751.35–2.28 1.07–1.93
Fruit/vegetable intake per week
 <4 daysRefRefRefRefRefRefRefRefRefRefRefRef
 ≥4 days1.761.36–2.27 1.24–2.131.721.34–2.21 1.30––2.82 1.54–2.73
Type of provider
 Family/general Practitioner0.440.32–0.61 0.33–0.640.840.62–1.15NS0.550.40–0.75 0.41–0.82
 Internist0.350.20–0.61 0.18–0.590.580.34–0.98 0.33–0.960.410.23–0.74 0.20–0.70
 Nurse practitioner0.660.44–0.98 0.36–0.831.410.94–2.11NS0.990.66–1.47NS
Work setting
 Group0.710.51–0.98 0.47–0.930.680.49–0.95 0.48–0.950.620.45–0.87 0.42–0.84
Body mass indexNSNSNSNSNSNS
Exercise per weekNSNSNSNSNSNS
Teaching privilegesNSNSNSNSNSNS
Years of practiceNSNSNSNSNSNS
Patients per weekNSNSNSNSNSNS

“SES of patients” refers to health care providers’ perceptions of the socioeconomic status of their patient population; the categories refer to possible responses on the survey without additional clarification.
aModel adjusted for characteristics that met the inclusion criteria of value <0.2 in bivariate analysis.
bRegular is defined by responses of always or often on Question 2 and Question 3.
cRegular comprehensive SED counseling defined as providing counseling at a frequency of always or often for both sports and energy drinks.
daOR for sports drink and comprehensive SED counseling adjusted for sex, fruit/vegetable intake, exercise, provider type, and work setting.
eaOR for energy drink counseling adjusted for sex, fruit/vegetable intake, provider type, and work setting.
Ref is reference level for each variable.
Referent categories: male, age ≤ 45, non-Hispanic white, normal/underweight BMI, fruit/vegetable intake <4 days per week, exercise <5 days per week, pediatrician, individual practice, ≤10 years of practice, ≤5 physicians in practice, ≤100 patients per week, and very poor-poor SES of patients.
*Bolded aOR values indicate that 95% confidence intervals do not include 1.
NS indicates nonsignificance of provider characteristic with regard to association with SD, ED, or SED counseling.