International Journal of Pediatrics / 2020 / Article / Tab 3

Research Article

Child Night Blindness and Bitot’s Spots Are Public Health Problems in Lay Armachiho District, Central Gondar Zone, Northwest Ethiopia, 2019: A Community-Based Cross-Sectional Study

Table 3

Illness characteristics among children aged 24-59 months in Lay Armachiho District, Central Gondar Zone, northwest Ethiopia, 2019.

VariablesFrequencyPercent (%)

Diarrhea in the last two weeksYes727.1
Type of diarrheaBloody131.2
Respiratory tract infection in the last 2 weeksYes828.1
Both diarrhea and respiratory tract infectionYes15415.3
Children treated for both diarrhea and respiratory tract infectionYes9662.3
Time of treatmentImmediately2314.9
Following illnessAfter two days4428.6
After three and more days2918.8
The reason why the child was not treated at the time of illnessBecame well without treatment4068.9
I did not have enough money1017.4
I was busy813.7