International Journal of Peptides / 2010 / Article / Tab 2

Review Article

Effect of Ghrelin on Glucose-Insulin Homeostasis: Therapeutic Implications

Table 2

Chronic effects of ghrelin administration on glucose-insulin homeostasis in different species.

SpeciesTreatment administrationDoseFood during experimentDuration treatmentPlasma glucose levelsPlasma insulin levelsReference

Mice ddy1 IP AG injection/12-h3 nmoles AG/mouse/injectionAd libitum HFD5-dayNot changeEnhanced [75]
Tundra vole1 IP AG injection/day10  𝜇 g AG/kg/dayAd libitum SCD4-dayEnhanced [69]
Sprague-Dawley rats1 ICV AG injection/12-h1  𝜇 g AG/rat/injectionAd libitum SCD3-dayNot changeNot change [88]
Wistar rats1 ICV ghrelin injection/day1  𝜇 g AG/rat/dayAd libitum SCD5-dayNot changeEnhanced [89]
ICV ghrelin infusion2.5 nmol AG/rat/dayAd libitum SCD6-dayNot changeNot change [87]
1 SC AG injection/12-h0.2 ug AG/injectionAd libitum SCD4-dayEnhancedNot change [85]