Figure 4: ClustalW alignment of α-RgIB and the closest phylogenetic α-conotoxins relatives (calculated according to supplemental Figure 3).(*) Consensus; (:) highly conserved; (.) conserved. The bold underlined amino acid residues of α-RgIB were also considered to be conserved. A6M938: α-conotoxin-like Lp1.10 C. leopardus/homology; A1X8C3: α-conotoxin-like Lp1.7 C. leopardus/transcript; Q2I2R6: α-conotoxin-like Lt1.3 C. litteratus/transcript; A1X8C2: α-conotoxin-like Lp1.8 C. leopardus/transcript; P0C8U6: α-conotoxin-like PuSG1.1 C. pulicarius/transcript; P0C8U9: α-conotoxin-like Pu1.5 C. pulicarius/transcript; P0C8U8: α-conotoxin-like Pu1.4 C. pulicarius/transcript; P0C8U7/α-conotoxin-like PuSG1.2 C. pulicarius/trasncritpt; P0C8V0: α-conotoxin-like Pu1.6 C. pulicarius/transcript; P01519: α-conotoxin GIA C. geographus/protein; P0C1D0: α-conotoxin RgIA, C. regius/protein. (Key: UniProt Accesion code: toxin/Conus species/evidence level).