Table 3: Genes already cloned or likely to be cloned through map-based cloning in wheat.


Lr1Leaf rust resistance[85, 86]
Lr10Leaf rust resistance[87]
Lr21Leaf rust resistance[88]
VRN1Vernalization response[89]
VRN2Vernalization response[90]
VRN3Vernalization response[91]
QFree threshing character[92, 93]
Pm3bPowdery mildew resistance[94, 95]
GPC-B1High grain protein content[96, 97]
Qfhs.Ndsu-3bsFusarium head blight resistance[98]
Yr5Resistance to stripe rust[99]
BBoron tolerance[100]
Fr2Frost resistance
EPS-1Flowering time
Tsn1Host-selective toxin Ptr ToxA[101]
Ph1Chromosome pairing locus[102]
Sr2Stem rust resistance[103]