Table 2: Databases and resources related to maize.

Name and linkDescription

MaizeGDB community database for biological information about the crop plant Zea mays ssp. mays. Genetic, genomic, sequence, gene product, functional characterization, literature reference, and person/organization contact information are among the data types accessible (see Section 9 for further details)

MAGI assembled genomic island (MAGI) reports the results of a maize genome assembly project being conducted by the Aluru, Ashlock and Schnable research groups

Gramene resource for comparative grass genomics including: genomes, protein, maps, markers, traits, genetics diversity, biochemical pathway, literature, and so forth

Maizesequence sequence and annotation of the Zea mays ssp. Mays genome resulting from the maize genome sequencing project

mtmDB transposon library in maize for the purpose of targeted selection of gene knockouts

Maize tilling website for maize tilling project that collects and distributes maize tilling mutant and seeds

NCBI Maize all of the accessions from Zea mays including: genomics, cDNA, EST, GSS, HTG sequences

SAM database for maize shoot apical meristem expression

Helitons catalog of discovered helitrons

Grassius a collection of databases for transcription factors, promoters and cis-regulatory elements across the grasses, including maize, sugarcane, sorghum, and rice

Panzea database for molecular and functional diversity of the maize genome

MaizePLEX miame-compliant and plant ontology enhanced expression database for maize microarray data

TIGR Maize links to the NSF-funded consortium for maize genomics project and includes sequence, assembly, and annotation data, and links to the maize gene index

MaizecDNA 30000 FLcDNA from diverse B73 tissues samples

ZmGDB a convenient sequence-centered genome view for Zea mays, with a narrow focus on gene structure annotation

PML genetic resource in maize, that is, tailored for studies of chloroplast biogenesis

VPhenoDBS visual phenotypic information management system to allow simultaneously query phenotype data by image example, sequence, ontology, genetic and physical map information, and text annotation