Figure 3: Examples of different phenotypes from an oat TILLING population. (a) Chlorosis marker from mutated line grown in the greenhouse. (b) Same marker grown in the field. (c) Same marker, clearly visible and stable in mature plants. (d) Phloroglucinol staining of oat cultivar Belinda (WT, left), a low lignin mutant (middle), and a high lignin mutant (right). Red coloration denotes presence of lignin. (e) Phenotypic screening for Fusarium resistance from random lines in the oat TILLING population. Seeds were placed on water agar and inoculated with ca 3000 spores of Fusarium culmorum. Upper left Petri dish shows the Belinda control. The remaining dishes show examples of resistant lines. (f) Examples of infected and noninfected microaxes in field grown plants. (g) Closeup of an infected microaxes.