Figure 4: The 5′ region sequences of F3H-A1, F3H -B1, and F3H -D1. Sequences in box indicate the binding sites of transcription factors; the box of broken lines is a putative TATA-box. Exons are indicated in uppercase letters with gray box; the 5′ untranslated region and promoter are in lowercase letters. The putative translation initiation codon (ATG) is shown in italic typeface. Primer sequences are written in bold with primer names and arrows (right arrow: sense primer; left arrow: antisense primer). Elements for transcription factor binding are as follows: bZIP911: bZIP transcription factor of Antirrhinum majus; G-box: bZIP-type transcription factor; P: MYB-type transcription factor, P of maize; RAV1: transcription factor with AP2 and B3 domains.