Figure 6: Amplification of F3H with the primers specific to F3H-A1, F3H-B1, and F3H-D1 in CS, ditelosomic and deletion lines of chromosomes 2A, 2B, and 2D: (a) amplification of F3H-A1 in CS, ditelo 2AL, ditelo 2AS, and a partial deletion line of 2AL-1 ( ) (left), F3H-B1 in CS, ditelo 2BL, ditelo 2BS, and a partial deletion line of 2BL-6 ( ) (center), and F3H-D1 in CS, ditelo 2DL, ditelo 2DS, and a partial deletion line of 2DL-6 ( ) (right). (b) Locations of two wheat EST clones (WHE1784 G04 M08ZS and WHE0981 C04 F07ZS) and F3H-B1 on the 0.89–1.00 region of wheat chromosome 2BL, and putative rice F3H (OSJNBa0084K01.10) and two rice genes (OSJNBA0084K01.3 and OSJNBa0084K01.14) corresponding to the two wheat ESTs on rice chromosome 4.