Table 3: DEGs encoding proteins with annotated function of pattern recognize receptor (PRR).

Apple gene modelFunctional annotationsLog2FC

Chitin elicitor receptor kinase 1- (CERK1-) like receptor
 MDP0000182108lysM domain receptor-like kinase 3+3.13
 MDP0000137744lysM domain receptor-like kinase 3+2.76
 MDP0000225637lysM domain receptor-like kinase 4+3.10
 MDP0000172006lysM domain receptor-like kinase 4, isoform X1+2.0

BRASSINOSTEROID INSENSITIVE1-associated receptor kinase 1-like receptor

Wall associated kinase- (WAK-) like receptor
 MDP0000278145WAK-like protein−5.63
 MDP0000311732WAK-like protein−2.45
 MDP0000281090Putative WAK-like 16−2.60
 MDP0000426154Putative WAK-like 16−2.67
 MDP0000656197Putative WAK-like 16−3.02
 MDP0000169245Putative WAK-like 16−2.40
 MDP0000281090Putative WAK-like 16−3.0
 MDP0000837936Putative WAK-like 16−2.05
 MDP0000354964Putative WAK-like 16+4.12
 MDP0000276990Putative WAK-like 16+2.31
 MDP0000153539WAK-like 8 isoform X2+2.8

Apple gene model is based on available Malus_x_domestica.v3.0.a1_gene_set at Function annotation is based on the blastX search against NR database in GenBank. Variations of transcript abundance are based on the comparison between B.9 and G.935 and expressed as Log2Fold Change; + indicated higher transcript level in the root of G.935 over that in B.9; indicated the opposite.