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Aims and Scope

International Journal of Plant Genomics is a peer-reviewed Open Access journal that publishes novel and advanced original research results of wide interest in all fields of plant genomics, genome technologies and applications of genomic tools in plant breeding. These include, but not limited to, research results in the following fields:

  • Structural genomics, including new or advanced genetic maps, physical maps, molecular cytogenetic maps, transcript maps and genome sequences;
  • Functional genomics, including gene expression, transgenics, gene networks, gene and genome sequence functional analysis, and proteomics;
  • Comparative/evolutionary genomics, including macro- and micro-syentenic analyses, comparative genome sequence analyses, and comparative gene expression analyses;
  • Genome technologies, including new or significantly advanced technologies for genomics research;
  • Methodologies of genomic data analyses, including new or advanced statistical and mathematic methods and models for genomic experimental designs and data analyses and applications of existing statistical and mathematic tools in genomic data analysis;
  • Genome research resources, e.g., mutation lines, BAC libraries, microarrays, and database
  • Applications of genomics research results in plant breeding; and
  • Bioinformatics, including computer programs and tools for analysis, archiving and dissemination of genomic data.

Although this journal is dedicated to publish the research results in plant genomics, research articles in genomics of animals or other organisms that are of significance in advancing or potentially applicable to plant genomics are considered for publication in the journal.

Periodical issues are the major body of the journal, however, a number of Special Issues per year in specific fields of plant genomics will be included to address significant advances in the fields.