Figure 4: Green tea-induced HSP for alcoholic gastritis. (a) Intragastric administration of ethanol to male Sprague-Dawley rats caused significant gastric mucosal damage as shown gross and pathologic finding (a, b). Green tea extract, 50, 100, and , showed significant improvement in gastric pathology in a dose-dependent manner (c, d, e). (b) iNOS expressions were significantly decreased as the dosing of green tea extracts were increased whereas no significant change in HSP70 was observed on Western blotting of iNOS and HSP70 [36]. (c) The mucosal homogenates were subjected to 2D-PAGE and the spots were compared between alcoholic gastritis group and alcoholic gastritis pretreated with green tea extract. On mass spectroscopy, HSP60 and GRP58 were significantly preserved with increased acidic shifts.