International Journal of Proteomics / 2016 / Article / Fig 7

Research Article

S-Nitrosylation Proteome Profile of Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells in Human Heart Failure

Figure 7

Validation of expression profile of thrombospondin 1 (THBS1) in HF subjects. (a) The expanded view of the corresponding spot for THBS1 peptides (20 kDa) from representative 2D gel images of Asc+ ((A) and (B)) and Asc ((C) and (D)) PBMCs from NH controls ((A) and (C)) and HF ((B) and (D)) subjects is shown. (b) PBMC lysates (5 µg) of NH controls () and HF subjects () were subjected to Western blotting for the detection of THBS1 levels. GAPDH in (b) is shown as loading control. (c) ELISA was performed on 5 µg of PBMC lysates for the detection of THBS1 abundance (NH , HF ) and S-NO modification status (NH and HF ). Mann Whitney test was performed to evaluate the significance . (d) Shown are the SNO-modified THBS1 levels in PBMC lysates of NH and HF subjects, determined by a biotin-switch ELISA.