Table 2: Methods for the synthesis of the amphiphilic PHAs.


PHBTransesterification with mPEG2000 (in melt)PHB-b-PEG[25]
PHBTransesterification with PEG2000 (in solution)PHB-g-PEG[29]
PHBTransesterification with Diethylene glycol (in melt)PHB-diol[26]
PHOUV-irradiation with methacrylated-PEGPHO-g-PEG[53]
PHUUV-irradiation with methacrylated-PEGPHO-g-PEG[54]
PHOFree radical polymerization with acrylatePHO-g-Poly-glycerol diacrylate[55]
PHA-un-Free radical polymerization with saturated polyazoester based on PEGPHA-g-PEG[50]
PHOUEpoxidation and reaction with diethanol aminePHA with pendant amine side groups[42]
PHOUEpoxidation and reaction with hexamethylene diamineCross-linked PHOU[41]
PHBCondensation with chitosanPHB-g-chitosan[45]
PHOCondensation with chitosanPHO-chitosan[46]
PHOUHydroxylation of the double bondsPHOU with pendant-OH[34, 37, 38]
PHOUCarboxylation of the double bondsPHOU with pendant-COOH[35, 36]
PHBUrethane formation of PHB and PCL containing dihydroxyl endsPHB-g-PCL[27, 28]
PHOUThiol addition of thio-maltose to double bondsPHOU-g-sugar[48]
PHOUEsterification of carboxylated PHOU with PEGPHOU-g- PEG[56]